It’s been a pretty full on 2015 for As It Is, releasing début album ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ and playing all across the planet; they would be excused for burning out, but this is not the case at all. We met up with front-man Patty in Nottingham, half way through supporting Lower Than Atlantis on their UK tour and as you would expect he was full of enthusiasm and drive, with 2016 firmly in the bands sights.

Half way though the tour with Lower Than Atlantis, how has it been? Have you been enjoying yourselves?

It’s been fabulous, we’re coming into this tour having just finished a US tour. This is only 8 shows, we did maybe like 30 on this previous tour- the drives were up to 20 hours and now we’re driving no more than 2 hours to each show so we’re just very relaxed, very rested and having a great time. After the 2nd show we had that social night out with everybody, got to know the other bands on this tour and it’s been a very very good time.

You mentioned the lack of travelling, it seems to be one of those privileges that UK fans don’t realise they have in that they are only ever really a few hours from a show, where as in America you’ve mentioned 20 hour drives between shows.

Of course, people will drive 5 to 6 hours there, and then 5 to 6 hours back and go to work the next day and not think anything of it, it’s just what you have to do to see a show in the States.

On this tour you’ve been rotating the main support slot with Moose Blood, how has that been? Have you been getting different size crowds depending on the position you play, or have the crowds been getting out early?

It’s just been great crowds for the both of us, which is awesome because they are a great band. We got to know them over Warped Tour, and they are very nice dudes. They wrote a killer record, they deserve it.


You mentioned Warped Tour, it’s been a pretty whirlwind 14 months since you signed to Fearless Records. How’s it been from the inside, because you’ve recorded an album, played Warped Tour and a number of UK festivals too. It seems like it’s been quite manic?!

It has yes, manic indeed. Last year we played a grand total of 40 shows and this year we’ve done just under 180 shows so it was kind of 0 to 100 very very quick, but it has been an amazing time. We’ve seen so many new countries and continents just doing what we love. There hasn’t really been a dull moment.

I use the term whirlwind, because from what I’ve read, from when you signed with Fearless you were in the studio within a matter of weeks. Did you have demos and material written before you signed, or were you going in completely fresh?

We were first approached by Fearless back in May, that’s when we got the first draft of the contract and that’s when we started speaking and knew that we were going to be working hand in hand. We started writing a record in late May because of that, and everybody quit their day jobs and made As It Is their full time thing which was an awesome experience, and from late May onwards we wrote ‘Never Happy, Ever After.’ We announced the news October 2nd and then 3 days after that flew to the States.

The album ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ came out earlier in the year. For a début release for a British band, you must be pretty happy?

Most certainly, we couldn’t have asked for anything more especially for a début release. We just picked up Rock Sound today and we are in the top 20 of their records of the year, there have been many surreal things that followed the release of that album. It’s been a top 40 album, it’s been played on the Radio One Rock Show, music videos on Kerrang and Scuzz, all these truly bizarre and unexpected things followed the release of that record.


You were actually in Rock Sounds ‘Ones to Watch of 2014’ that must have been quite a privilege prior to the record being released. A lot of bands would release a début album, and then start picking up traction, but having enough merit off your EP’s must be humbling?

Yeah of course absolutely, we were on the cover on that issue and then the previous issue we were on the cover alongside All Time Low and The Wonder Years, these bands that we truly look up to. So even that summarises how much it’s picked up speed since then.

In terms of 2016, what have you got planned? Headline tour? More festivals?

All we know for the time being is that we are writing- we have to write the next record! January will be our first month off in quite a long time, so we are going to make the most of that. Then February onwards start writing as much as we can, and really crack on with the next record and decide who we want to record it with.

So quite a quick turn around, a lot of bands would be touring an album a bit more than a year before heading back to the studio. Is that your decision in wanting to release music as soon as possible, or a joint decision between you and Fearless?

It’s just how it came to be, we’ve talked to our management and label and it seems like the best time. We do write very very slowly and collaboratively so it will be in everyone’s best interest that we start writing as soon as possible, so that it’s not some truly long winded process. But that’s how we like to write, have all 5 of us very much involved and okaying everything as it goes along.


Finally because you were on Rock Sounds ‘One to Watch of 2015′ and you are the only UK band on Fearless, is there any bands out there that you think would be a good label mate, or are ones to watch in 2016?

There’s a band that we met and knew about actually prior to our Australian tour, they supported us in Australia and they are a band called With Confidence and they have a very very good vibe. They write great songs, they are very lovely people and put on a great show. It made me very nostalgic of bands like The Starting Line meets current popularity of All Time Low, they’ve really got something great. I encourage everyone to check them out.

Big thanks to Patty, the lovely As It Is boys, and their welcoming team.

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.