Five-piece Indie pop outfit Lucius have released their latest single, Born Again Teen.

That sentence is probably the most straightforward thing about this release. Born Again Teen is enjoyably unpredictable, detouring from the subdued electro-indie sound the opening suggests and winding up in the territory of infectious child-friendly party anthem.

It’s a masterclass in the use of the quiet-loud dynamic that has been a cornerstone of effective pop writing for decades, producing something so mindlessly fun that words are no longer necessary. The chorus features absolutely no genuine words and is crafted purely for shout-a-long thrills. This feels like a little bit of an indie pop stereotype, but when it sounds this good that’s not really much of an issue.

Even with the song being as simplistic as it sounds there’s still a lot of room for complexity, and Lucius do their best to create some depth of sound. The contrasting chorus aside, there’s a fantastic bridge that completely breaks down the track in a seizure of emotional vocals and synthesised distortion.

As a result, Born Again Teen is far from straightforward but represents the most enjoyable parts of being unconventional. To coin a term, it’s best described as funorthodox.