After a clearly successful week for Lianne (with her album Blood being nominated for a Grammy in  the Best Urban Contemporary Album category) it was time for her to grace the 02 ABC stage in Glasgow.

The night couldn’t have started better, all thanks to the support act of the evening; the talented Roseau. In terms of setting the atmosphere, Roseau did this almost instantly and lured the audience to form before the stage. The relaxed, calming atmosphere of the room was suddenly changed at the arrival of her second track as she motioned to the crew to raise the music volume. A faster, electronic beat was created and the audience soon expanded as more came to watch the performance. Roseau’s electronic pop sound captivated the room and surely made an excellent start to the night.

The audience was now ready for Lianne to start thanks to Roseau’s atmospheric introduction. A short while after, Lianne graced the stage and opened with Green and Gold. She smiles as she witnesses the reaction of the audience, and the lighting is changed to green as her strong vocals fill the room. Green and Gold’s slow starting beats helped start the show off, and the audience reacted to this by slowly moving with the music.  Lianne’s golden voice foreshadowed what will result in a brilliant show.

With the audience already in the palm of her hand, she begins her haunting version of the song Wonderful. All that can be heard is the sound of Lianne’s voice and the soft strums of her guitar and the assistance of her band clicking their fingers to the beat of the song.  “Electricity lingers” she sings, and this is indeed the case. She ends the song and greets the audience, where she reminds them of her previous tour when she took a stumble due to her large heels. But there is no sense of that happening this time and she assures us that she believes this also. The relaxation shown by the audience proved their faith in her.

Lianne La Havas









Her remarkable voice was showcased again in Ghost, and reinforces the haunting quality in her voice and stage presence. There is a sense of emotion in her voice during this performance, which is equally as captivating. Lost and Found also shows these qualities, as well as her ability to display different vocal ranges which simply adds to the raw talent she shows in every song she performs.

The beats become faster in her next song, Unstoppable. The audience is treated to her soaring vocals which help reinforce the “gravitational pull” references in her lyrics due to the mesmerising power of her songs.

A sign of a good artist is their ability to involve the audience in their performances. As Grow begins, she very politely lets the crowd know that she’ll require some assistance later in the song. Of course, the audience happily obliges and Lianne then describes the Glaswegian audience has the “best ever”.

As her set draws to its close, she thanks the crowd who have been “Amazing!” before singing Tokyo as the last number. We are lead to believe, anyway. The audience calls out for an encore and if any artist was to deserve that, it’s this one. Sheepishly, she returns to stage, confiding “I lied about it being the end of the show…as you might have guessed.”

She finally ends the night with her songs Gone, and finally a Forget which she describes as an “angry” one relating to an “annoying ex” that expectedly gets a good response from the audience.

Lianne ends the gig by sincerely thanking the audience and her band and crew for making the performance happen. She leaves on the promise that she’ll leave the dressing room as tidy as she left it, and that she looks forward to the next time she visits Glasgow.

Well Lianne, the feeling is definitely mutual.

la havas