It was just as brilliant as the first time, if not more so, as I got to see it up on a big screen! Thanks to Pop-Up Screens you can see all your Christmas favourites as if they’d just been released into the cinema. Hits include Home Alone, Elf and Miracle on 34th Street.

Set up in the 20th Century Theatre in Notting Hill, the team there have done a fantastic job of creating an environment everyone but the Grinch will enjoy. Walking up the creaking staircase, you’re directed by elves through a Narnia-esque wardrobe, opening up into a screening room covered floor to ceiling in decorations and fake snow. A good balance is struck between reviving your childish winter spirit, whilst also providing a bar stocked with mulled wine and crafty cans of beer. The popcorn was also surprisingly delicious, and much better value for money than your standard Odeon or Vue cardboard kernels.

Christmas films are running up until 23rd December, so get booking now so as not to miss out.