There are certain bands in this world that have such a profound effect on your life, that missing the chance to shoot them on their SOLD OUT one off UK show of 2015 would have been a little bit soul destroying. Thankfully, Vulture Hound was lucky enough to get themselves down to Nottingham Rock City to celebrate the venues 35th Anniversary and also to enjoy Finland’s finest Gothic rockers HIM’s only headline shows on these shores this year.


There are many bands that could have opened for HIM, but the lucky band to do so were the UK’s own Empire. Having caught Empire a couple of times over the last year and a half, we knew what we were in for, soulful sassy vocals and hard hitting heavy rock riffs.


Empire are without a doubt a hugely consistent band, and seem the type of guys who would put in 100% effort if playing to 10 fans or a sold out Rock City, a work ethic that will pay dividends as they progress as a band. Similar in sound to favourites Incubus they had me at hello.

DSC_0355 DSC_0383

HIM are superstars, each member of the band has that something special, which probably explains HIM’s near 20 year career. A lot of bands can fall flat on their feet when trying to recreate such a specific recording sound and quality, but when HIM hit the stage they are absolutely flawless. Opening to ‘Buried Alive By Love’ always proving to be a master stroke, throwing the crowd in at the deep end with one of the bands biggest and well know tracks. The assumption would be that this is the last the UK will see of Ville and co until the release of the bands next album, which is anticipated for next year.




The tunes and performance were profound, meaningful and electric. Aside from laid back Ville; the guys were sweating by the end of the first song, having put everything they’ve got into the show the second they stepped onto the stage.


By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.

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