Nottingham’s Rock City is currently celebrating 35 years of service to the UK music industry, with a whole host of bands playing the legendary venue during the month of December. Bringing the ‘Black to the Future’ tour to Rock City were Satanic legends Ghost, so obviously we had to check them out.


Dead Soul seem an interesting choice of support band for someone like Ghost. With an extremely bluesy sound, and a front-man who looks to have been styled on Heisenberg from ‘Breaking Bad’ some of the crowd seem perplexed by what they are seeing, but go with it in order to enjoy the build up before Ghost.


The anticipation of Ghost is built long before the band take to the stage, with incense and classical choir music creating a buzzing atmosphere, tonight Rock City is no longer a music venue but instead the Church of Ghost; the crowd the willing congregation.

DSC_0202 DSC_0227

When Papa Emeritus III finally takes to the stage the crown erupts, and Ghost launch into their set or the closest to launching. Ghost have such a unique and interesting sound mixing heavy metal guitars with Papa Emeritus’s chanting in is weirdly euphoric and mesmerising.

DSC_0325 DSC_0299

The staging and style of Ghost is nothing short of perfect, with masked bands there is that chance of it being naff but Ghost avoid this perfectly and are one of the most interesting live bands on the scene.