Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: Bodega, Nottingham (Live Review)

If you are looking for a Pop Punk show on a Friday night, this is where you need to be. The boys in Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have brought the “Get Lost Find Yourself” Tour to Nottingham. Trash Boat and Boston Manor have been the lucky guests to support what is to be an amazing Pop Punk Tour.

Boston Manor 1_

Boston Manor kicks the evening off…literally. Lead singer Dan has his Pop Punk jump kicks in full swing from the first song and people down in the crowd are happy to copy him. Boston Manor has successfully warmed up the crowed for Trash Boat who are up next.

Sing-alongs, mosh pits and stage dives are what Trash Boat seem to be all about. From the first note the crowd erupts and people start singing their hearts out. Even though Trash Boat are a new band in town, they have clearly learnt how to control a crowd in a professional way and were a perfect choice by Chunk to take out on tour.

As Trash Boat comes to a close with a massive applause from the crowd, people await for tonight’s headliners Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! With the intro consisting of mainstream chart songs, some people might be confused, but when the heavy riffs kick in, people know who are about to hit the stage. Front to back, left to right, the whole venue is bouncing up and down. With a perfect mix of Pop Punk and Metal, Chunk! brings an exciting amount of energy to the stage.


Chunk play their well known cover of ‘All Star’ which gets everyone singing even if you did not know any of tonight’s bands. Chunk have been on supporting tours for bands such as Yellowcard and Tonight Alive however at the Bodega tonight to a sold out show, we all know that Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! deserve to be in the headline spot.