Brixton-based Bryde’s new track ‘Wait’ is an indie alt-pop wailer. Released by Seahorse Music, the track showcases Bryde’s voice well, but the production seems lacklustre.

Self-describing as “a girl & an electric guitar singing fierce & fragile songs”, I think Bryde does herself an injustice in this track. Her voice is glorious, but the composition to ‘Wait’ left me, well waiting. I was really hoping for something more with the chorus, a bit of edge or grit to take the track to a different level, but it stays very much the same throughout. I think this is due largely to the drum track being far too soft, meaning the depth of sound that a baseline normally brings is lost.

It is very pleasant to listen to, but I couldn’t quantify it as fierce. Coming in at 4.25 it is quite a long track, but time doesn’t drag while it plays. It’s very much the kind of song you could get lost in staring out a window into the rain on a cold winters day.

3 / 5