The BFI, the UK’s lead organisation for film, offers a Video on Demand subscription service like no other: BFI Player+ [BFI Player Plus] – Costing just £4.99 a month, with a 30-day free trial for all users, BFI Player+ offers audiences a wide selection of hand-picked classic and critically-acclaimed films.

Continuing its unique approach to curated cinema, every Friday BFI Player+ features an exclusive weekly video recommendation from one of the UK’s most respected film critics, Mark Kermode. Each week Mark selects a key title from the BFI Player+ collections and shows why it’s a film not to be missed. On the 18th December, he introduces cult favourite, CAPRICORN ONE.

Peter Hyams’ thriller stars James Brolin, O.J. Simpson, and Sam Waterston as three astronauts assigned as the first men to be sent to Mars. Hailed as heroes, they in fact find themselves part of a huge hoax, as mission controller Dr. James Kelloway (Hal Holbrook) sends the ship up without a crew following safety concerns. To avoid admitting a failure that could cost them funding, the astronauts are forced to take part in a performance on a movie set, acting out the landing for the benefit of the TV cameras. When the Mars ship crashes, the astronauts become an expendable liability; and investigative reporter Robert Caulfield (Elliott Gould) races against time to prevent NASA from disposing of the trio to cover up the deceit.

A huge hit on release, the cynical, sharply written and tightly plotted story struck a chord with post-Watergate audiences, and went on to be the most successful independent film in the US that year.

Mark Kermode says: “Writer/director Peter Hyams first got the idea for Capricorn One when working on the Apollo broadcasts for CBS and realising that, just as his parents’ generation believed whatever they read in the papers, his generation believed whatever they saw on television.”

As well as Mark Kermode’s weekly selections, subscribers can dive into collections of hand-selected films curated by the BFI’s world-leading experts, enjoying must-see British films alongside the best of world cinema. In short: BFI Player+ is a subscription service like no other. Now, it’s easy for audiences to discover and enjoy the essential classics, all without the need for a contract.


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