The fifth series of the popular TV show has finally aired on FX. Hotel is set in Los Angeles, with a lot of familiar faces that we have seen previously, but with one new exciting face. Lady Gaga graces us with her presence as ‘The Countess’ the owner of the hotel Cortez.

The first episode introduces us to the Detective John Lowe, who is investigating a series of brutal murders, which lead him to the hotel. Along the way he meets a handful of different people, and we get to see our favourite actors once again.


Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Chloe Sevigny are among the many who star in this new series. Every character has a strong personality and a story to tell, which we get to see as the episodes go on.

It’s not long before we realise what the main point of this series is; vampires. They use their guests in the hotel as prey for their bloodthirsty hunger.

It’s not surprising, after four previous series, to see graphic scenes of gore and sometimes sex. I wouldn’t suggest watching it if you don’t have a strong stomach, but then again, the title kind of gives the impression that it’s not going to be all rainbows and butterflies.

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The one element I love the most about this whole saga, is that, unlike a lot of TV series, I cannot always predict what is going to happen. Hotel is definitely one of my favourites so far, along with Coven as I think they have the best story lines.

As there are only a couple of episodes left, I can’t imagine there is much more that can happen to shock me, but I wouldn’t put it past the creators, they know what they’re doing.