Co-headline tours are a double edged sword, one one hand you potentially get the chance to watch significant sets from bands that you love and the other you risk the chance of standing about watching an hour of a band that you don’t really care about. Luckily it would seem that Zebrahead and Patent Pending fans are one in the same.

Due to interview commitments (you can read those on Vulture Hound at a later date) when only caught the very end of Templeton Pek’s set, but they supported NOFX and Alkaline Trio earlier in the year so they are clearly doing something right.


In the UK the term Pop Punk got banded about a lot around the time of Busted and McFly, which not to knock those bands kind of gave the genre a bit of a stigma. Patent Pending are Pop Punk through and through, and although their set is dotted with serious songs and messages, Patent Pending are hear to have a fucking party. There are only one band in the world who can get an entire room of people to put their hands in the air and make a pirate hook and then wave it around like a lunatic. Patent Pending are one of those bands, who somehow manage to stay underground yet have a massive and fiercely loyal fan base who allow them to tour up and down the UK.

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Patent Pending are by no means the end of the nights party, with Zebrahead hitting the stage with their own pirate bartender (who surprisingly like, a member of Patent Pending). For a band that has been doing this for nearly 20 years Zebrahead are still fun of energy and get the crowd moving in a way that some bands in their 20s probably couldn’t. If there were to be one negative it’s that the bands album ‘Panty Raid’ seems to be impossible to get a hold of the UK, but that’s not their fault!

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