Birmingham’s Symphony Hall is a beautiful venue. It’s so classy and luxe, it was the perfect setting for a night of Blues, Pop and Soul.

Will Young has been around since 2002, if it is strange to think that Will Young began his pop journey as the first and quite the most atypical winner of the now global Pop Idol phenomenon, then keep in mind that Will was the one who stood up to Simon Cowell, one fateful Saturday evening. “What I love about that moment is that it was someone standing up for what they wanted. I didn’t realise how strongly I wanted that career until that moment. I don’t even know where it came from. What was odd about that moment was that it was a side of me that never would have come out otherwise. It was new to me.”

Unlike most other and even over more championed competition winners; Will really has lasted the test of time. He has flourished into a hugely talented and strongly individual artist, and has carved a genre almost all of his own. This growth and his solidity in who he is as an artist has a lot to do with that longevity.

The show was spectacular. With a mixture of crazy complex staging and posing performance tracks- queue wind machine, plastic curtains, confetti and swish floaty male catsuit- and simple, single spotlight, sat in one spot performances (and some in between the two) Will really put on a fully immersive show.

(I especially enjoyed the stage hands flitting around the stage in their white safety suits and glasses, a really odd but wonderful touch!)

The thing that started this guys career was his distinguishable voice. And over the years Will has managed to hone this into a further magnificent musical tool. Goosebumps all round. With some wonderful banter sprinkled in, Will is quite the showman, even throwing some James Brown-esq shenanigans in for good measure- “I can’t go on”. I could go to this show every night and enjoy it as much as the first. This wasn’t just another gig, it was an amazing night out, with a lovely host.

Will Young was my first real love (blush) and he is still right up there.