Vintage Trouble are a dream, an American Rock & Blues dream. Formed in 2010, the band is currently in the midst of their European Tour ‘Hopeful Road’, and on Tuesday the 17th of November, I was lucky enough to see them live at the Forum in Kentish Town. I had already learnt from my Spotify obsessive listening that Vintage Trouble were good, so it is safe to say that I had high expectations, and my god were they met.

The star of show, lead man Ty Taylor proved in a mere two minutes that he was undoubtedly one of coolest men alive. Oozing charisma he took to the stage and from that moment the audience were hooked. Ty Taylor’s voice was stunning and coupled with his continued pirouettes and altogether insane dancing; I came to the conclusion that he was a true performer. However the set was surprising in more ways that one when Ty showed his romantic side as he introduced a couple from Warsaw onto the stage, which led to the surrealist proposal I have ever seen. However the bombshells were not yet over when Paloma Faith joined Ty Taylor for a hedonic duet, after he described her as a beautiful person that found him hot. Seems like a fair judgement to me.

After the unforeseen duet, that was simply sublime, my favourite Vintage Trouble song ‘Run like the river’ floated on. This is when Ty Taylor decided to truly immerse himself in the audience, by literally sprinting while singing around the stalls and the stands, high-fiving as he went, not a bad way to spend a school night.

However the set took a sombre note when Ty Taylor talked about the recent tragedy in France with a deep sadness that we all feel as an arguably disenfranchised society, plagued with mistrust and anxiety. Ty then stated that we must stick together, and not let security get in the way of our freedom, and that one day it will all be over and the enemy will be defeated. After that we all fell silent for a short while, together not as strangers but as friends. Ty Taylor then spoke about depression and how we all need to be more kind and accepting, both messages that are so important in today’s world.

Vintage Trouble finished off the set with a beautiful song that touched our hearts, and after a stampede of feet, the band left the stage. To conclude: this gig was beautiful, in performance and message, I couldn’t have hoped or wished for a better night. Ty Taylor, Vintage Trouble, I take my hat off to you; you were heavenly.