Monday night gigs generally have little expectation; everyone is still reeling from the weekend and longing for the sweet release of the ensuing one. It’s a difficult one to master, yet Attack Music Productions recently hosted an event proficient in alternating that grim mind-set with the combination of three mesmerising bands.

First up, were a local Cornish duo who never fail to wow in colossal proportion. Wolf Note, and their alt-rock finesse, are identified for always confidently hitting the nail on the head when it comes to their live performances, and their set at Mono was no exception to this rule. Currently gliding through their Duck Dive Tour, the twosome were well-received and reminded me just why I adore their contagious energy and instrumental dexterity.

wolf note (7)

Following in Wolf Note’s effectual steps were Devon-based duo, Moriaty, who upped the stakes entirely with a dynamism that left you exhausted from even observing. With a prominent stage-presence, no one could forget their performance or say that they weren’t somewhat struck with whiplash from watching their animated set.

moriaty (1)

It can take a lot for a two-piece band to create music without the nagging vacuum of something missing, yet with wide-ranging vocals from both band members, and the combined musical talent displayed, the guys left you begging one question: Who needs a bassist anyway?

Headlining were Brighton-based legends TIGERCUB, who infused the venue with a welcomed helping of chaos and impulsive grunge. Admittedly, they took a generous amount of time to warm up and ensnare complete attention, but once they did, everyone’s devotion was copiously at their mercy. What was about to be delivered was of a quality that many bands can only dream of.


Led by the lankiest individual that I’ve ever encountered, they were an act that could more than hold their own in the enraptured venue. Mirroring the sounds of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, and mixing them with a delectable element of individuality, the trio delivered a full-set of grunge perfection. Sure, the event wasn’t sold-out, but those who attended were gifted with a night of frenzied memories – and if you weren’t in attendance, then I genuinely pity you.

tigercub (7)

Having previously supported Royal Blood on tour, it’s hard to imagine that the trio wouldn’t have shown them up with their distinctive sound. TIGERCUB are a fresh face upon the tiresome music scene, and a group that you have to see live!

Words by Keira Trethowan
Photography by Craig Taylor-Broad


By Craig Taylor-Broad

Craig is a photographer more than a writer which is strange because he used to spend a lot of time telling people that he was a jack of all trades and master of none.