This exhibition showcases the work of Chris Macdonald at the Corridor Gallery in Brighton. He is a renowned artisan, sculptor and inventor. He creates original pieces by juxtaposing ordinary and found objects in a playful manner.

‘Beginnings’ is a beautiful stripped down violin with a wooden carved tulip growing alongside it. In ‘Camera Boy’ a Swiss movie camera sits on top of a white tailors dummy. The camera forms the head and the arms are made of metal. In the ‘Tuba Man’ Macdonald creates a tuba that overflows with flowers, rather than bellowing out sound. A little wooden man affectionately hugs the friendly instrument.

“I love the convoluted shape of old music instruments. I like joining wood with metal. I like the idea of flowers emerging from the bell, rather than the pompous military sound that it was made for. I consider it to be a small form of anarchy,” said Macdonald.

There is no Mystery

One of the most striking objects is ‘There is no Mystery.’ In this piece an animal skull is fitted to an oak mount that sits on a rotating turntable.

Lucy Kenwood, Curator at the Corridor Gallery describes his work:
“Chris explores the life-cycle of objects and the stories they tell though the process of sculpture. Chris breathes new vital new life into each eccentric piece; reimagining obsolete remains, creating new compositions which showcase the beauty of everyday things, old relics and discarded technology.”

Macdonald’s sculpture has a distinctive style and an anarchic sense of humour. He regularly exhibits work in Brighton. The ‘Sculpture 24’ exhibition at the Corridor Gallery runs from the 6th November until the 26th November. There are opportunities to meet the artist during the weekends on the 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd November.

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