Frank Turner made me cry.


Will Varley walks onto the stage just one man and his guitar, he then; over the course of half an hour manages to hit a nail so perfectly on the head of modern life. Singing songs about politics, social issues and viral videos, Varley proves himself to be a truly exquisite song writer and fantastic performer, and worthy of much success.

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If Will Varley was the calm (which he was far from) then Skinny Lister were the storm, doing what any Folk-Punk act with stand-up bases and accordions do best- getting the crowds blood pumping. Skinny Lister have been out on tour with Frank Turner for what must feel like an eternity now, but there are certainly no signs of fatigue with the band having bags of energy. The highlight of the set was bassist Michael crowd surfing whilst supporting and playing an up-right bass above him (no mean feat I imagine). At the end of the day a support act do have a job to do and together Skinny Lister and Will Varley executed this to perfection.


So, as I said; Frank Turner made me cry. You know ‘they’ talk of how bands have these “moments”- a special performance, (or one song within a performance) that’s particularly memorable? An epic performance, that stands out in the history of that act, and in music history generally. Well. Frank Turner is himself a MOMENT. He’s a smiling, walking, singing moment.

I’ve been left the venue a couple of hours now, and I’m still yet to recover.



A good performance is a difficult thing to comprehend. Frank (said with all love…) hasn’t got the worlds best singing voice, and he isn’t really the most technical of musicians, but the true clarity that he brings to the stage is through his spirit. With Frank you can feel his heart and soul, as he lays it out on the stage for you.


The crowd knew every word of every song, it’s mostly the crowds that make Frank’s shows the moving experience that they always are. The dedication and the love present is almost overwhelming.


Rock City night 2 was Show 1786- and I hope he’s not tired, because I’ve got a feeling crowds will be willing to receive Frank Turner for many, many more years to come.