So, what’s with all the music coming out of Sweden at the moment? They’ve either been keeping all this fantastic music under wraps for ages, or we’re seeing the culmination of some fantastic cultural development. I’m listening to ‘Touch Me’ by Delores Haze, a Stockholm based band, producing heavy danceable indie. And before you, no, it’s not a cover of The Doors.

Of course, it would be unfair really to say that Sweden hasn’t produced some of the finest, women driven electronic indie music over the past decade or so. With the likes of Lykke Li, and Robyn also hailing from there, it’s clear to see that there something special about the air there. ‘Touch Me’ is a glamorous gritty track. Refreshingly, it’s feminist, without heading down the riot grrl route, which I do love, but it’s nice to have some synths and music you can also dance to every so often. The tracks got an electronic edge, (and a er, ‘riske’ video, of course) which, with hauntingly uttered vocals ‘I don’t need your hands to touch me’, harks back to the music of Le Tigre or The Knife. It’s dance music with a snarl.

I caught them the tail end of the summer at End of the Road Festival, and I can say that live their just as hard hitting and exciting as they sound on record. Touch Me is out 13th November.