To those outside of Doncaster, the name Doncaster Dome would probably induce visions of a grandiose arena in the vein of London’s O2 Arena. It isn’t! As we walk up the venue we are ushered through security and then into nothing more that a large leisure centre sports hall, luckily not one single person in the crowd could give a shit about the venue because the sold out buzzing crowd are here for one reason too see UK’s highest flying rock band Bring Me The Horizon tear Doncaster a new one.

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Before Olly Sykes and company take to the stage however, there is the matter of the support acts. Testament to opening band Pvris, people have clearly come to catch every moment of the nights show as the hall is almost full when they take to the stage. The job of support acts is to get a crowd warm and moving, and despite the venues poor acoustics Pvris get people dancing and singing along to their tracks such as ‘St Vincent’, ‘Fire’ and ‘My House’. Having seen Pvris a number of times through out 2015, it is clear they are growing as a band and also taking advantage of support slots and festival sets to start growing a strong following.

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After playing a Summer of festivals and touring America, some bands would be excused from burning out and needing to take some time off, Neck Deep show no signs of this. With latest album ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You’ hitting the top 10 in August, this was one of the first times that fans have really had the chance to see Neck Deep play new tracks such as ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ and ‘Gold Steps’ which went down well during festival season let alone after them having time to embed in our minds over the last couple of months. Neck Deep are at the top of their game, and I’m sure once this tour has finished they’ll be rearing to head out back on the road, because they clearly love being on the stage.

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The nights main event Bring Me The Horizon are arguably the biggest band in the UK right now. ‘That’s The Spirit’ was narrowly beaten to the number 1 spot, by the mother-fucking Stereophonics of all bands, but you can’t ignore what a huge album and moment it has created for the UK rock scene. Was the venue the greatest? No. Where the acoustics the best? No. Were the crowd completely mental and putty in Olly Sykes hand? Fuck yes! Bring Me The Horizon could quite easily have made this tour an arena tour and sold tickets, the fact that they chose venues that were large yet somehow intimate is a sign of how humble and how much Bring Me The Horizon value the support and love of the fans. Bands are often criticised for selling out, but in honesty I don’t think Bring Me The Horizon care what people think. If you don’t like them, then that’s cool, but if you are a fan of Bring Me The Horizon then they are going to put everything out there and give you the best Bring Me The Horizon show you’ve been to.