Building a collection of stencils and illustrative passion for the past 10 years, and referred to as France’s answer to Banksy, today’s artist showcase looks at the works of C215 or as his birth certificate knows him; ‘Christian Guémy’. This French artist creates graffiti art surrounding the people, objects and quite often street cats of his homeland, that are usually tucked away by society, and not hailed for their own true beauty.




His artworks are beautiful, detailed, delicate but also intimate. Every time you look at each of his works you really fall for each character depicted and the story they withhold, with the depth, delivery and sometimes sheer height and force of these artworks giving a rush of excitement much like that of any John Martin painting.





The elegant brushwork and stencils used to create these pieces are nothing like the stigma the term ‘graffiti’ leads you to believe, adding true suave and sophistication to this commonly known art form. C215 is now referred to being one of the most productive street artists, and it’s quite easy to see why.




You can see more of C215’s work on his Website

Words – Michelle Siddall from Thoughts of a Shell