Halloween is fast approaching, there is a chill in the air and the ghouls and goblins are readying themselves for a night of mischief. How will you be spending your Halloween night, trick ‘r treating, at a fancy dress party, or like the vast majority of us sat down in front of a scary film. However, although we do usually turn to horror films on All Hallows Evening, there have been several occasions when certain scenes from films outside of the horror genre have given us a chill down our spines. Here we count five examples.

1. “He chose poorly” – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Although when considering this list it was typical to think of the face-melting scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, however this horrific part in the third instalment of the franchise deserves just as much recognition. Indy has completed the three perilous challenges, and has led the Nazis to the Holy Grail in an attempt to save his dying father. As the evil ‘Donovan’ drinks from a cup of his choosing in order to gain eternal life, he suddenly begins to notice something is very wrong. The audience looks on in horror as his hair begins to turn grey, his skin develops wrinkles, his eyes sink back into his head and then to top it all off…he explodes.


2. “Move children! Vamonos!” – Signs

We all remember back when M Night Shyamalan made films that were so good the twist ending didn’t even need to make sense for you to enjoy it. Signs was a great example of this, and much can be said about how brilliant this film is with the way it constantly plays on tension. It is because of the way that Signs is so subtle about showing any presence of the aliens that when we do finally get a glimpse, pure horror washes over you. Merril has become obsessed with the alien presence all over earth and has therefore taken the television into a cupboard with him so that he can constantly see what is happening. A news programme begins to show the footage of a family’s birthday party in Mexico, all of the children are pointing out of the window at some unknown antagonist; and that is when we first see one of the aliens, as it creeps out from behind a tree and across the screen.


3. “No God” – The Fourth Kind

Alright, The Fourth Kind is technically a type of horror film but it is also a science-fiction film. The residents of a small Alaskan town have started having strange nightmares, and psychiatrist Abbey Tyler has made it her mission to get to the bottom of it. However, this is not just something of the mind. As the film plays out we realise that aliens are behind all of the unnatural goings on in this isolated town. If that wasn’t unnerving enough in one of the final scenes of the film, Tyler is put under hypnosis in order to find out what happened to her after a whole night when her daughter disappears. While under, her body appears to become possessed by some unknown force and screams out in an ancient language that there is no god and that they, whoever they are, are in control. This feeling of helplessness and the way in which Tyler’s body is horribly disfigured after the beings are through with using her to deliver their message ends the films on a terrifying note.


4. “When I killed your brother!” – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

What could possibly be scary in a film where ‘Toons’ and people alike live out their lives together in hilarious harmony. The answer to that question is the antagonist who is trying to destroy ‘Toontown’ and kill any Toons who get in his way. Bob Hoskins stars as Eddie Valiant, a detective who is attempting to uncover a mystery surrounding the death of the owner of Toontown and his lost will. However, what he didn’t expect is to come face to face with the toon which killed his brother many years ago. It is in this scene that the childhood joy of watching these cartoons come to life goes straight out the window as the toon turns out to be a psychotic Christopher Lloyd whose eyes spin and bulge out of his head in a horrific fashion. Enjoyable now, but spine-tingling when you were a child.

5. “Arghhh!” – One Hour Photo

The Late Robin Williams takes on a different role in this psychological thriller about a man who works as a photo developer and gets obsessed with a family who constantly use his business. Although there is an eerie underlining to the film anyway as we slowly see how this man wants this family to be his own, there is one scene which shows the horrors which are going on inside his head. Inside his thoughts we see his eyes turn bloodshot red and then suddenly blood begins to gush from his sockets, all the while he is screaming in pain. What could possibly be the thing that made this scene so chilling is the fact that it is so far from Williams’ typical roles in comedy films.