Ever find yourself pining over Kings of Leon and the emergence of their 7th album? Is your search for vocals just as quirky, distinctive and charming as Ezra Koenig’s falling short? If so, look no further than Steaming Satellites’ latest single ‘Honey’; a combination of the two that comes with additional flute-like synths and clean-cut harmonies, waa-laah.

Littered with jaunty guitar riffs and expressive (almost soulful) vocals from frontman Max Borchardt, the track is seemingly held together by the strong, stable drum beat prevalent throughout. This juxtaposition of both stable and unstable rhythmic/melodic components creates a certain sense of fragility, which is enhanced by the use of subtle instrumentation provided by gentle synths and delicate harmonies. However, this fragility is not to be mistaken with doubt or uncertainty, but rather the opposite may be found within the frequent undertones of confidence that emerge via the perfected sound presented by the band.

Though hailing from Austria, Steaming Satellites use ‘Honey’ to channel a more ‘Deep South’ vibe, and – if we’re going to venture into clichés – conjure forth images of lazy days on the ranch, thus creating a relaxed, chilled atmosphere. With their third self-titled album set for release 30th October, Steaming Satellites are honing an increasingly professional sound that sounds as effortless as it does humble.

4 / 5