Walking in to the venue with Xcerts playing the crowd was scattered and not massively involved. The guys have a chilled Grungy Indie sound, that didn’t quite seem to sit right with the nights young energetic audience, but they persevered and put in a good set.

DSC_0130 DSC_0134

Set It Off seem to have appeared from nowhere. The “Rock” equivalent to One Direction– they were each individually placed in a band together to make a certain type of music for a particular audience segment. Their songs are annoyingly infectious- to the point of you ending up bloody loving them- and damn their sparkle and joy is well, simply a delight. But live? Their performance is great, it’s their strength- with ear plugs in, the show was amazing! Whack out those bad boys though and ouch. Messy. Lets just say when their 45 minute set ended fifteen minutes early- I wasn’t massively disappointed.


*Buuuuuut on a side note I will add that at Slam Dunk Set It Off sounded much better- so they’re not necessarily “bad” it’s just that Wednesday night wasn’t their best.*

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Mallory Knox perform with significance. When they’re on the stage- you feel it. The songs have meaning, and live; they are performed with passion and resonance. An intangible yet important factor of performance is camaraderie. The Mallory Knox boys actually seem to like each other- and enjoy being on the stage and making music together, seeing a group of people come together to move people is a very special thing. And move us they did. The crowd enjoyed every second, and seemed to know every sing word, to the point of- do you wanna like, shut up?! I’d like to hear Mikey sing…

DSC_0165 DSC_0366 DSC_0255 DSC_0196

They’ve been around for a while now, but the time is nigh for Mallory Knox, they are going to be massive.