A long, long time ago we were children. We were enthralled with tales of science fiction, mythological wonderment and fairy tales (whatever your preference was!) You could be transported to another world simply by hearing the words of such stories and closing your eyes.

Do you remember that?

Somewhere between the bombardments of modern day living of adulthood we forget what it means to have a child’s imagination. Catching Fireflies introduces us to a world many of us will never know, of inner city gangs, urban warfare, poverty and addiction. We follow the story of Isabella and her means of coping with the escalating external forces beyond her control.

Filled with charming characters, enthralling danger and the bewildering sense of venturing into the deep, dark woods, this is a fairy tale of a modern day and Isabella’s imagination is the only defence she has. Hit with some factual information at the end; you understand the deeper message the short portrays and it achieves the desired impact in spectacular fashion.

A beautifully captured world, managing to make the bleakest of atmosphere’s positively enthralling as only a child’s imaginings can do, Lee Whittaker’s debut short manages to convey precisely what it needs to and the story’s climax leaves you with a sobering perception.

Thanks for taking the honest way out Lee! Your story is richer for it…

4 / 5 

Dir: Lee Whittaker 

Scr: Lee Whittaker 

Starring: Carlotta Elektra Bosch, Gianna Gomez

Prd: Lee Whitaker

DOP: Elie Smolkin

Music: Yuichiro Oku

Country: USA

Year: 2015

Run time: 19 mins