FALL OUT BOY! Fall Out Boy, created from an amalgamation of the Chicago Hardcore Punk scene-have been around now for almost fifteen years and put out six individually different and successful albums. They’re one of the most successful and popular Rock Bands of the moment.

To me, Fall Out Boy are Melodic Hardcore. They’re a band that should be shoved into a dirty hole of a venue just so they can transform it into a sweaty, crazy beautiful palace of energy and life. When a band start at their prime they kind of make a really uncomfortable rod for their own backs- as New Found Glory put it; “It’s all down hill from here” – and in FOB’s case, I’m afraid that’s bang-fucking-on.

In an arena all joys of crowd-band interaction, energy, sound and musical heat are lost. Upon their pedestal the guys looked bored, they sounded clumsy and the stage looked large and vacant. Patrick carried the show, putting in the best performance, but even that I’m sad to say wasn’t enough- and was still somewhat lacklustre. The crowd I’m sure were just amused enough to warrant the ticket fee, but only because Fall Out Boy have some great songs- some of those even being the more recent- heartless mainstream Rock tracks.

Some bands are made for arenas. Green Day were not one of them; but somehow just about managed to pull it off (although some might say not exactly with their dignity intact…), and neither are Fall Out Boy. All Time Low are one of them- they have the type of energy that fills up the massive venues- they’re colourful and fun (and massively lame but hey ho) – they put on a great show. The difference being- All Time Low know their crowd, it’s kids who like pop rock, and are happy to fill an arena and will have a good time doing it.

Fall Out Boy are part of a scene, but they’ve changed over the years, possibly to gain the popularity that now ails them, and having lost sight of themselves and the band they’ve lost the FOB magic for me. Boo. I’m going to go listen to “Take This To Your Grave” whilst crying and jumping around.

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