Sadly we walked in just as the last of the two local supports were finishing their set- the latter sounded great though, and the crowd were seemingly involved and enjoying it.


Brawlers are timeless. They’re crazy cool guys with a fun Punk sound- I’d dub it as Romcom Punk. I don’t understand why Brawlers aren’t already massive. They perform with an enthusiasm I have genuinely never seen before- each with massive smiles on their faces, loving every minute- blasting out the infectious, invigorating tunes with precision.


Instead of taking pictures I’d forget myself; stay stood in the guys faces and lose myself in the dance!


If you’ve not heard of them go listen- no one can not like them. And get on-board the Brawlers train now so you can be one those people that five years down the road moans about “follow the herd” new fans.

ALLUSONDRUGS are wild. They’re so wonderfully undefinable that I’m lost for words.


Each band member seems to be in his own little world, losing themselves in the moment, but all collaboratively coming together to make this chilled yet spunky colourful kaleidoscope of Pop-Grunge.


So unique and different to all other bands of the moment ALLUSONDRUGS are electric. Easily one of the most exciting up and coming bands over the past year and set to do big things in the future.