There’s a Virus Goin’ On – Containment (Film Review)

Think of a film about infection or tower blocks and a few come to mind, [Rec], Contagion and The Raid. Containment is unlike these.

The film starts with Mark waking up late on a seemingly normal day only to find that his flat in his apartment block has been sealed shut. As the film progresses he joins more of his neighbours and finds out more about what is keeping them there.

There are the usual mix of characters, the likeable misunderstood girlfriend, the slightly jerky conspiracy theorist boyfriend, the bad boy, the misunderstood child, the wise old lady and the main character Mark who is the slightly down on his luck likeable all rounder.


Lee Ross plays the role of Mark with ease. He manages to convey every emotion very well and is completely believable. The acting from all is done superbly well. The film actually feels real and believable leading you to start thinking what would you do in that situation. It has a nice gritty raw feel to it.

Containment moves at a reasonably fast pace with some excellent scenes of exchanges between the characters that help the viewer understand the storyline and the situation they are in. In between these exchanges there are some long shots that do slow the pace slightly. If this is intended to add suspense it does not achieve it. At times the shots feel as though they are just adding more length to the film. In particular a couple of fades to black feel as though they could be cut a couple of seconds shorter.


The music score works perfectly in this film, in particular the music used in the escape scene to the roof. It really helps to pick up momentum and moves those scenes along beautifully, creating a real sense of urgency for them to get out of the tower block alive. It also picks up again later when the young boy is in danger and really heightens the drama well.

The ending feels a little abrupt. It does seem a little like there was no direction for the ending to go so it just kind of finished, it also stopped on a message that children are the future which always seems a little cliched when it comes to disaster films. It is however entertaining and the pace is good, there just could have been some shorter cut scenes and a more rounded ending might have suited the film better.


Dir: Neil Mcenery-West

Scr: David Lemon

Starring: Louise Brearley, Luke Ross, Sheila Reid, Andrew Leung

Prd: Christine Hartland, Casey Herbert, Pete Smyth

DOP: Arthur Mulhern

Music: Graham Hadfield

Country: UK 

Year: 2015

Run time: 77 mins


Containment is in cinemas and available on VOD at We Are Colony now.