The Red Arrow Column: The One They Call Sting

The Iconic Sting made his wrestling debut in 1985. At fifty-six years old, Sting is still in top notch shape and has shown that he can still wrestle. Yeah, he’s lost a step or two over the years, but he can still put on a match. His presence is one of the most polarizing in the business. He made a name for himself while never once aligning with WWE (until recently) yet wrestling fans all over the world knew who Sting was. He was one of the biggest stars in WCW, if not the biggest, and a huge part of the reason WCW was beating WWE in the ratings.

He was the lone man trying to take out the nWo but Sting finally joined the Wolfpac and I became a huge fan of the nWo red & black instantly. The Icon switching his face paint from white to red was a great look and welcomed change by many fans. Now, WWE has a chance to cement the legacy of Sting. A guy who is easily one of the best wrestlers of all time. It’s a shame Sting and WWE couldn’t come to terms back when WWE finally bought out the competition. In his prime, Sting would have had a long run within the company at the time.

He was the biggest name outside of WWE but he joined with TNA. They had Sting, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, and so many others but failed to capitalize. All the names I just mentioned are back with WWE, minus Hogan. Sting has a held a major championship everywhere he’s been. He’s been the biggest name on the card everywhere he’s been. WWE needs to give Sting the chance to hold the WWE title.


Maybe he loses at Night of Champions and gets another shot at a later time. Sting has to win the WWE title at least once, if only for a month. He will be in the WWE Hall of Fame, and winning the WWE Championship would solidify that, although he’s an all-time legend because of everything he accomplished before coming to the company. Another thing WWE needs to do with Sting is put him against The Undertaker at WrestleMania, the two longest tenured stars in the business clashing at the daddy of them all.

The Undertaker versus Lesnar is great but no matter how good of shape ‘Taker is in he can’t keep up with Lesnar. Every time those two wrestle, ‘Taker gets the hell beat out of him, and I mean that literally. It’s obvious that ‘Taker isn’t on the same level as Lesnar anymore but ‘Taker is on the same level as Sting. Both men are in their fifties and could match each other. I can’t handle watching ‘Taker get his ass handed to him by Lesnar anymore, no matter how good the match is.

Red Arrow’s Final Thought’s: WWE has a chance to do something special with Sting. How many fans can honestly say they thought they would see Sting wrestling for the WWE title? How many fans can honestly say they could see Sting being the WWE Champion? Not very many fans ever thought they would see Sting in the WWE in the first place! This is the time Seth Rollins has to lose the belt. They can give it to him at Night of Champions, but Sting needs to be the WWE Champ at least once in his storied career. Not many can match the one they call Sting.

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