The Fratelli’s new album, Eyes Wide Shut was released on 21st August. They’ve have announced that they will be doing a full UK tour in November this year. Glasgow and London are already sold out. It’s full steam ahead for the outfit, Jon Fratelli sat down to answer our Q&A.
Hey, thanks for chatting with us again, how’s it all going?
We’re pretty good thanks, just getting on with getting on with getting on…
We recently shared ‘Baby Don’t You Lie To Me’ on, are you glad to finally release it?
I’m happy to release anything, if you like everything on your record then it’s all good.
What else can we expect to hear from the new album, ‘Eyes Wide, Tongue-Tied’?
Just us doing what we were doing for four weeks in October 2014, making the record that needed to be made at that time and sometimes having some fun doing it.
Personal highlights from the album?
I’m pretty happy with all of it but the tracks Rosanna and Slow are my favourites at the minute.
You said that ‘Me and the Devil’ is inspired by Nick Tosche’s novel of the same name. Where do you get your inspiration from for other songs on the album, such as ‘Getting Surreal’?
Getting Surreal was written during a trawl through a very crowded spiritual marketplace, it came tumbling out one day in a flurry, it’s another of my favourites.
Who were your three favourite bands when you were growing up?
Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and The Beatles where my first loves, other than Bruce Springsteen I’ve never added to them.
What are your favourite songs to play live?
At the moment anything new is my favourite!
Have you ever not played Chelsea Dagger? How’d you think that would go down?
I don’t think we’ve ever not played it, for the time being that won’t happen, as long as people keep asking for it we’ll keep playing it.
You’ve been playing together for 10 years now. It has been a long journey. When was your first big break?
Meeting each other was the biggest break.
What has been your biggest high, and biggest low?
It’s all one big high and low…
Speed Round
What would you like to be remembered for?

I haven’t written that song yet…
Dream Dinner guest (dead or alive)
Charles Bukowski.
If you could only play one venue for the rest of your career where would it be?
Wherever our next gig is!
Favourite swear word?
Everybody’s favourite…Fuck…
What was the last song that made you really stop and listen?
The Comedians by Roy Orbison this morning.
What did you have for breakfast?
Just coffee.
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars of course!
Thanks again for taking some time out for us.
It was my pleasure