I thought I had seen the strangest things going on in this planet, until P’ARIS came about and totally questioned my own sanity.

Never would I have thought that I would be sitting in my own ‘normal’ house, watching a girl holding flowers singing in her bedroom, whilst panda’s dance around her.

Makes no sense right?

According to P’ARIS it does, all those scenes mentioned above are included in their new video of Confidence.

The video starts off by two people licking an ice cream, which is perfectly acceptable but wait, for after that we are entertained (I use that term lightly) by a girl holding flowers, moving around her bedroom with accompaniment of two eerie looking man pandas (that is what I can only describe them) dancing around in the room with her.

Don’t get me wrong, the track behind the video is one of the best synthy pop tracks I have heard in a long time. It will certainly bring back that summer feeling we have all lost since September came around.

It is just a shame that the video lets it down, I mean what on earth does it mean?

Luckily for you Vulture Hound readers, P’ARIS has shed some light on the mind boggling video. Telling us that the track of Confidence is about being unprepared for changes in your life. And the video, this is what they had to say:

“For the video, we illustrated that by putting the singer in a clean, modern home setting, juxtaposed by a strangely ominous dancing panda dude. If we’d had an elephant mask I suppose we could have really rolled with an “elephant in the room” nod, but “panda in the room” will have to do for now…and maybe that’s even better.

If an elephant in the room refers to an obvious truth that is being ignored, maybe a panda in the room refers to an obvious truth that isn’t so much being ignored as it is being acknowledged but handled in a disingenuous way.”

If you ask me, I think you should let the music do the talking for you and see for yourself. Yet if you are a fan of quirky and totally outrageous music videos then don’t let me but you off for that will be right up your street.