Young British singer song­writer Frances has a lot of indie buzz around her. She’s already supported Sam “Bond Theme” Smith and has had some good reviews. Her debut E.P “Let It Out” is built around the single with the same title.

It’s a pretty, nicely crafted alt­pop song. Frances voice is the main selling point of the track. Mature, belying her youth, and singing with a deft touch, Frances has a modern singing style, though thankfully there’s no autotune in sight.

The music itself is a steady, warm sound of guitar and piano crafted together in a gentle embrace. There’s nothing overpowering or edgy and the song drifts by like a Sunday afternoon. The lyrics are nicely drawn and sung with a bit of force but the whole song fails to make a really strong impression.

Still, this is an early effort in a young musicians career. The rest of the EP may show an increased amount of range and power. And there’s nothing too bad about a gentle embrace anyway.