Parkway Drive – IRE (Album Review)

There are certain bands that often sit just on the outside of your periphery, a band that you always think “I must listen to these one day”. One of those bands for me has been Parkway Drive.

The Australian Metalcore band have been chugging along for the last 10+ years with latest album ‘IRE’, which is released on 24th September, marking the bands fifth studio album. With that in mind, it is only right that Parkway Drive finally get a chance to impact on my musical life.

The opening track ‘Destroyer’ pretty much sums up ‘IRE’ – This is an exceptional album. It is heavy- yet with such a soulful and melodic style, and at the same time each song is anthemic and epic, which in review sounds like a bunch of words strung together but at the same time it actually sums this album up perfectly. The lead single from the album ‘Vice Grip’ has been doing the rounds since June, and although an indication of what this album is all about, that track at the same time only scratches the surface. If this is- as other critics say “an evolution and change in Parkway Drive’s sound”, then it must be one to be supported, as this is the kind of album that puts a band upto a level that many bands will never even get close too.

If the world needs a hero, with ‘IRE’ Parkway Drive can be that hero it needs. – ‘IRE’ is out 24th September through Epitaph Records, and is available in all the usual places.