It has been a summer full of watching bands in tents, eating in tents and of course sleeping (or in fact not sleeping) in tents, so to finally be back in a venue with brick walls and a roof was pure luxury. The venue in question was Birmingham’s Asylum, and we were there to catch Pop-Punkers State Champs on their first ever UK headline tour.

‘This song’s about Malcolm in the Middle’ will arguably go down as one of the weirdest statements to ever be made on stage at a gig, and also one of the weirdest inspirations for a Pop-Punk song EVER. The song in question will feature on ROAM’s new album, which is currently sitting awaiting release.

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The Eastbourne youngsters have been gaining momentum throughout 2015 playing the likes of Slam Dunk and Nass festivals, with bags of energy and youth on their side, ROAM surely have a bright future in a UK Pop-Punk scene that just seems to keep growing.

Knuckle Puck decided to announce their spot on the State Champs tour whilst on stage at Slam Dunk Festival, a great and exciting announcement to fans eager to see the guys again, and a shocking announcement to tour organisers who weren’t ready to release this info!

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The Chicago based band bring a level of emotion and guts to the Pop-Punk genre, putting everything they have into their live performance, while keeping it low key and authentic at the same time.

Vulture Hound have been lucky enough to catch State Champs on a couple of occasions prior to this evening in support slots alongside both The Wonder Years and New Found Glory. It would seem those support slots have been the perfect learning experience for State Champs, who are very quickly rounding into a band that could properly take the world by storm. Perfectly controlling the crowd, even new songs had the kids moving, with a sea of hands smashing up and down. The Asylum was the perfect venue for State Champs first headline Birmingham show, giving it an intimacy that was goosebump inducing as the entirety of the sold-out room sang along to the infectious and delicious ‘Deadly Conversation’.

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Pop-Punk is a difficult genre to nail- too soft and comparisons are made to the likes of Busted and McFly, too heavy and you risk moving into a different genre completely and alienating fans. State Champs are cementing their place firmly in the middle of the genre, and given time and exposure there is no reason why they couldn’t reach the same heights as the likes of All Time Low (but actually good).

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.