As her father (Rhys Ifans) deteriorates, young Fay’s (Sophie Turner) home life begins to unravel along with her sanity. Something is following her in the halls at school, taking her place in class. Something that looks like her. Something not quite living…and not quite dead…

Isn’t it just the perfect coincidence after a troubled film production that the first name of the actor you’d love to work with again is the same as the middle name of the actor you’d never work with again in a million years? Be careful now, for YouTube would have you believe otherwise, seen as the Dublin-born Jonathan Rhys Meyers is actually Irish…not Welsh…



Would it have saved director Isabel Coixet any heartache had she known of the existence of the 2009 horror film The Unborn? It’s full of cheap thrills and crazy CGI chills, but the basic premise is fairly similar as a girl suspects the soul of her deceased twin brother is trying to take his place among the living through possessing her. It’s not necessarily a better movie, nor a better cast – with the exception of Gary Oldman – but in comparison to Fay’s off-screen impersonator and the done-to- death cracking of the glass metaphors, what it lacks in substance it makes up for in spectacle, however silly.

Though Lila’s presence is consistent throughout the movie, it still comes off as excessive and unnecessary to a storyline that has more than enough ingredients to survive as a fully fleshed out dramatic piece. Fay is a young girl whose father is dying while her mother plays away with her high school drama teacher. There’s plenty there to drive a teenager round the bend and then some; with or without the threat of a supernatural twin invasion. This certainly would have opened up the floor for the underused Claire Forlani and her different relationships with husband Rhys Ifans and love affair, Meyers.


The trouble with Another Me is that is one of very few movies that actually maintains its sense of tension and dread, builds on it and builds on it and then leaves you with quite an unsatisfactory payoff. Fay’s one and only confrontation with Lila is shockingly momentary. So brief, in fact, that I felt cheated for entertaining the nonsensical evil twin plot after such lengthy anticipation.

The cast is great and the director, so very capable, but the heart of Another Me is its characters and their real-life struggles. Minus one evil twin and it could have been something a little more special.




Dir: Isabel Coixet

Scr: Isabel Coixet

Starring: Sophie Turner, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Rhys Ifans, Claire Forlani

Prd: Mariela Besuievsky, Nicole Carmen-Davis, Rebekah Gilbertson

DOP: Jean-Claude Larrieu

Music: Michael Price 

Country: UK

Year: 2013

Run time: 86 mins


Another Me is available to Download now.