I have to say, on Saturday I was extremely lucky to be working with the Jar Family during their We Are Family Festival, and I was also lucky to catch Alabama 3.

I didn’t know much about them before I saw them, all I knew was that there was excitement buzzing all around for their set, fans were recommending various songs for me to listen to, but I wanted to wait until I saw them to hear A3.

As soon as Alabama 3 entered the stage they captured the attention of everyone in the Jackson’s Landing, people at the front wore shirts covered in “Alabama 3”, cheering as the nine piece made their way onto the stage, eyes covered by shades, and looking like the coolest group of people you have ever seen.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a band own the stage like they have, they owned the whole of the room, the whole of Hartlepool were enraptured by the charisma that oozed from Black, Love, and the beautiful Aurora whose voices and presence captured the souls of anyone who could hear their upbeat folk acid house.

Who knew such a mixture of music would work? And on paper, it shouldn’t, but then you’ve got these nine fantastic musicians who have fought together two genres and made it their own.

They come together creating a mixed amount of characters, especially Black who turns into an Alabama man, talking in a gruff voice to the audience in a southern drawl and quipping with us all, as if he had never know anywhere else but America.

Alabama 3 are brilliant, words cannot do them justice and if you ever manage to catch them then you’re one of the lucky ones.