Simply put, this album is fast paced melodic shrine to popular yet decidedly indie acts such as The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and even grunge founding fathers Nirvana. Chocked full of thrashing guitar riffs, echoing vocals and sardonic lyrics, this record is guaranteed to be lingering on the cusp of your lips for days. I Do It For Your Love, the albums introductory track (despite being among the album’s slower tunes) maintains an enthrallingly darker feel which lurks within most of the songs featured on this whirlwind, debut album.

Other notable titles include the band’s electrifying break through singles To Die For and Swarm which have already gained the four piece favour from the likes of legendary Radio 1 DJ, Annie Mac. Not to mention, these guys have featured on both Q and BBC introducing. The aforementioned To Die For offers a rare dance-rock amalgamation that has an insanely catchy hook and a jazzy melody which is quite aptly ‘to die for.’

If you’re a fan of lust fuelled, electro rock these guys are definitely worth a listen. Critics may note that a few of the tracks begin to sound increasingly similar towards the middle of the album before Red Raw hits and shifts gear away from the wholesome, vibrant tone found in Only You, towards a heavier, rockier sound. Personally, I’d have preferred each song to be slightly more stand alone. However, this likeness is arguably the sign of a well composed album.

It’s no wonder that The Bohicas were snapped up by Domino records in late 2013 and the ensuing effect has left them working with notable producers such as Mark Rankin (Bombay Bicycle Club, Queens of the Stone Age), Chris ‘Merrick’ Hughes (Tears for Fears, Adam Ant) and Oli Bayston (Toy, Boxed in). The result? A very promising first album that will mark the band for even bigger things to come.