One of wrestling’s most controversial figures, New Jack has hung up his boots and his shopping trolley of weapons have been locked away.

The 52 year old former bounty-hunter, and veteran of the ring and balconies around the US, caused chaos and mayhem wherever he went, often leaving his opponents with genuine serious injuries. Rather than elbow drops and headlocks, New Jack opted for staple guns, knives, forks and even hoovers to inflict pain upon those crazy enough to endure it.

A symbol of ECW’s extreme attitude, New Jack took part in some of the company’s best and worst moments. His insane stunts with Vic Grimes were dangerously breathtaking, while the GBH committed to a 16-year old Eric Kulas in the “Mass Transit” incident was just plain disturbing.

More of a violent criminal than a wrestler, he used the ring as an excuse to maim rather than wrestle, paying no attention to his opponent’s well-being, yet promotions continued to book him allowing him to inflict broken skulls and stab wounds to those willing to face him. For this reason, he will leave a mark on the wrestling business for all the wrong reasons.

[Deputy Editor’s Note: For those of us of a certain age, hearing “Natural Born Killaz” explode through the sound system brought a Pavlovian response. We knew what we were going to see and, as long as it was short, we loved it. Yes, there were occasions when New Jack over-stepped the mark but professional wrestling is full of scummy characters that never entertained…)