“Delicate, intelligent, emotional”: Caroline – Siv Jakobsen (Single Review)

The video to Siv Jacobsen’s Caroline starts with a number of disclaimers and explains that it is telling a story about being transgender and features a transgender artist in it. Set in a sunny New York and showcasing the variety of the big apple, Caroline sees MJ (the name of the artist) wonder New York streets on her way to Brooklyn.

The song itself is delicate, intelligent, emotional and is a largely vocal track featuring a simple backing track that floats along gently like a summer breeze. The lyrics are deft, well delivered and chosen and the story about identity and friendship is touching.

The video itself stands nicely alongside the song, the two painting a positive, candid portrait. Siv’s voice is beautiful and makes a great centre piece to the song. Perhaps the song could have done with a bit more heft to it but that would have distracted from the story that it’s trying to tell.