After the success they saw with their release of Sempiternal, it was unclear which direction Bring Me The Horizon would go next. Starting off in the early 2000s as a scream-based deathcore band, Bring Me The Horizon’s sound has developed into something new with every release, forming into a softer band that still remained true to their alternative roots. Their latest teaser for their upcoming album has reflected an even bigger change; here is why Throne should be on everybody’s playlist.

Although some of the older fans may be disappointed in Throne’s direction, it opens of the group to a wider fan base and proves they are changing the music industry for the better. Although Oli Sykes’ started off as a ‘screamer’ in the band, his vocals have softened considerably and this song shows off his talent in controlling his vocals. Although they have become less recognizable from their original songs, the vocals are not completely clean in this track, showing that they have not changed paths completely.

The lyrics, on the other hand, appear to be a lot more positive when compared to other songs, reflecting a positive attitude from Sykes and his band members. Based around coming back stronger from life’s knock downs, Throne is certain to be a hit amongst those who need some optimism. The catchy chorus combined with lighter guitar from Lee Malia and classic bass from Matt Kean brings the song together in a sound that is comparable to Linkin Park’s older tracks.

There is a particular focus on drums, with Matt Nicholls showing off his ability to play a variety of paces and styles in one song. The rhythm and pace interchanges throughout, often dipping to quieter and slower sections in the verses before picking up in the chorus. As well as the focus on percussion, Jordan Fish’s electronic keyboard is another important aspect to the band. The focus on more electronic sounds rather than old school death metal characteristics shows the band’s true growth and determination to constantly improve.

Bring Me The Horizon’s album That’s The Spirit is to be released on 11th September.