The kind of music that makes me want to boogey you’ll typically find in the Top 40, that is until I heard Bob Moses.

The Canadian duo premiered their new single Too Much Is Never Enough on Pharrell Williams’ Beats 1 radio show OTHERtone. That’s a sure sign this band are destined for great things.

Bob Moses are about to head off on a global tour ahead of their album release on 18th September. Days Gone By will be available on September 18th, and their new single is available now.

Techno indie dance with a house vibe is the the only way I can describe the sound of Too Much Is Never Enough.

It starts out slow with a beat you just want to bop your head to, but at the same time you can see it being an absolute classic at a festival. There’s an interlude in the middle where the melody comes out and the beat is toned down.

The mix combines guitar lead songwriting with electronic production to give a sort of mesmerising effect, but it’s a good mix, it get’s you listening to every bit of the tune.

Their voice is soft and easy to listen to, like the kind of music you want to hear on a lazy Sunday morning. Don’t get me wrong this is something you’d probably here a bit of in Topshop or somewhere like that, but it’s got potential.