In the ever-growing sea of hollow statements and auto-tune warriors that proclaims to be the current music scene, it would appear that finding something seemingly sincere and humble is a genuine feat to be admired, yet here we are, basking in the warmth of Stone Foundation’s latest track Beverley having done just that.

After emerging triumphant from 2014’s fundamentally DIY release To Find The Spirit, Stone Foundation appear to be picking up where they left off by extending their run of clean British nu soul, complete with smooth organs, enticing brass and strong counter-melodies provided via luscious harmonies. All in all it appears completely familiar, yet this familiarity possesses no negative connotations. In fact, it’s this element of familiarity that enhances the soulful nature of the track, gazing back respectfully to its forerunners (think James Taylor Quartet with a sprinkling of acid jazz from Galliano) whilst maintaining its contemporary edge. Though initially uplifting, the track seems to withhold a bitter-sweet taste, taking a more poignant stance lyrically by noting social commentary and thus exposing Stone Foundation’s gritty depth – “the rules of the skin are wearing thin”.

Acting as the first single from their eagerly awaited new album A Life Unlimited (out August 9th via The Turning Point Organisation/ Republic of Music), Beverley provides the kind of laid-back swing that can only be connected with British soul, and in doing so paves the way forward for newer soul bands to emerge onto the scene. It’s fresh, intelligent and engaging; simple.