Well I’ve never been much of a fan of “metal-core”.  Not that it’s a genre that gets my hackles up, it’s just not the sort of thing I’d generally pick up and choose to listen to.  Of course Pantera were great, that goes without saying, but as a rule I’d go elsewhere for my musical kicks.

We Came As Romans  have been around for about ten years in several different iterations, with changes in personnel and a solid following in America, though their influence in the UK has been fairly minimal.

Their latest album is due out in July, an eponymous effort, is lead out by the upbeat track The World I Used To Know.  Featuring crisp lyrics and polished musicianship, this track is a solid effort.  It’s far from being the most brash, chest thumping anthem but just about has the mildest of edges.

Lyrically there’s not a huge amount going on in this track, decent lyrics sang with just enough aplomb but few pulses will be racing after hearing this one.  Again the music is good too but lacks a distinct edge or shape, simply coming across as accomplished, a standard that an act that has ten years experience should be aiming higher than.

The World I Used To Know is a familiar track, sure to be welcomed by fans of the band and possibly by fans of the genre.  It could live happily in the background of a decent action movie or thriller but if this is the poster-child for the album, there’s not a lot else to look forward to.