Why not make it a trilogy of superhero posts for today.

The final trailer of Fantastic Four has been released ahead of it’s UK release on 6 Aug.

Expanding on what we’ve previously seen. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell play the young scientists who head to an interdimensional plain and return with super-duper-powers which leads them to face off with Toby Kebbell’s Victor Domashev “Doc Doom”.

Reaction to early trailers of the film has been mixed. Some worried that the filmmakers attempt to stay well clear of Tim Story’s family friendly version has ended up with a humourless, almost avant-garde take on the superhero blockbuster.

What the trailer does provide is some more humour, the promise of inter-world battles and most importantly a dramatic core which the previous two films definitely did lack.

Josh Trank knows how to show young gifted people learning to cope with body changes of the super-powerful variety. He made the fantastic Chronicle. We’ll be intrigued to see it 6 Aug.


By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.