Karen Leigh Hopkins introduces the audience to a quirky light-hearted, in some cases crazy, woman, in the form of Miss. Meadows. A warm-hearted civilian who sees the horror that this world offers and takes it upon herself to rid it of evil in any way she sees fit.

This notion is quite an interesting one, especially with the super-hero craze at the moment, a vigilante everyday woman who is cleaning up the streets, there is quite a good story to be had here. However the tale falls slightly flat as, in parts, the character of Miss. Meadows, played by Katie Holmes, can feel mildly irritating; although the character is interesting her cute cupcake persona, and high-pitched motto “toodleoo” just get a bit much at times.


Although slightly abnormal, the lovely Miss. Meadows just wants a safe and enjoyable neighbourhood for her friends and the children in the school where she works. This becomes rather hard when the news claims that many criminals have just been released nearby with different identities. She is not a violent woman at heart, she just makes sure that people get what they deserve, which usually has them staring down the barrel of her gun that she keeps in her purse. The mission to moonlight as a vigilante grows only tougher after herself and the sheriff begin a relationship.

Katie Holmes creates the everyday woman with what you might say are a few screws loose, portraying her character as one full of happiness to all creatures, that can then jump to the other end of the spectrum and be emptying an entire magazine into a criminal. One of the most interesting elements of her character is her relationship with her mother which only exists over the phone, she appears to believe in my of the same ideals as her daughter. However after the film provides the viewer with a few flashbacks of Miss. Meadows’ childhood there is a possibility that the young woman might have gone down a Norman Bates route. Something that adds a touch of mystery to the story.

meadows 1

The usually supporting actor but never really in a lead role James Badge Dale portrays the sheriff, and the main character’s love interest. In a way his presence, although quite quirky himself keeps the film grounded to earth as he attempts to understand Miss. Meadows’ obscure ways and bring her into a normal life.

The film is enjoyable, more on a passing-the-time level than actually being completely engrossed in the story line. We have seen this plot before and with better outcomes, Miss. Meadows is definitely different, but you will spend the entire film just trying to get into it. The film will leave you with the same feeling as when you first started watching it, a wondering of what the story is really about and what will happen next.




Dir: Karen Leigh Hopkins

Scr: Karen Leigh Hopkins 

Starring: Katie Holmes, James Badge Dale, Callan Mulvey, Mary Kay Place

Prd: Eric Brenner, Rob Carliner

DOP: Barry Markowitz

Music: Jeff Cardoni

Country: USA

Year: 2014

Run time: 88 mins


Miss Meadows is available on DVD and Digital from 27 July 2015.