Following the bands incredible 2012 album ‘Lonerism’, the standards have been set insanely high for anything that followed for Tame Impala.

Their early unmistakable sound set the benchmark for up and coming pshch inspired bands back when they first emerged, and the band have ventured even further into unknown realms on the new record ‘Currents’.

Impala have always had this enigmatic feel to a lot of their tracks, but that’s taken to a completely new otherworldly level in this. The synth use has been increased tenfold making the album seem like one long ethereal journey through different dimensions, the ongoing narration of ‘Past Life’ sounding like the voice over to one hell of an acid trip… probably.

Before it’s release they made a point of how different the album was going to be, and the experimentation is clear, between the alien like eccentricity of the synths and mind bending echoes, there’s a much dancier feel overlaying the psychedelia. Particularly in ‘The Less I know’ featuring a Chic like funk inspired bass line. Is psychedelic infused disco already a genre? it could be now, because it sounds absolutely mega.

There’s a fine line between over the top and genius in regards to making an album sound so unique. Without a doubt the band are just on the side of genius with ‘Currents’. There’s not a record in recent memory that has been so eccentric or just plain weird (in the best of ways) that has been so appealing in regards to keeping a listener entranced from the opening chord to the closing fade.

Often these niche genre bands like Tame Impala generate a sort of cult following, before making that jump onto the next level thanks to a huge release. Take outfits like Foals & Alt J who began in a similar manner, beginning with cult like followings in their niche sort of genres. Both now making the jump to being considered as future major festival headliners. This record could be that very jump for Tame Impala, or at least definitely a step in that same direction.

Watch the video for ‘Cause I’m a Man’ from the album below.