Poster boys for maturity, Abandcalledboy are unveiling track ‘LA Dick’.

As a song title choice, it is more intelligent than the Irish band likely get credit for. If you read the title with a snigger, unable to hide the pleasure at genital-based insults potentially flooding the market, the basic music style will likely also appeal.

There is no sophistication to be found, nor anything resembling refinement from the vocals. Smooth voice work is by no means a requirement for rock music, but a rough style usually has to be justified by righteous anger. Here, their crosshairs sought out the slowest moving target and launched a barrage of often barely decipherable mumble-rock.

The biggest shame? It starts so well. Without such a song guitar work to lead us in, it would have been more forgivable. As it is, the longer it drags on, the more we empathise with the singer’s most clear line- “I’m getting bored”.

Listen below: