Next up on the big Comic-Con trailers: Suicide Squad.

The trailer itself only came about online after someone sat in the Hall at Comic-Con uploaded a low-res illegal copy forcing Warner Bros to reluctantly put out the whole thing. It has to be said that so far it looks very impressive.

Suicide Squad has always been one of DC’s more interesting franchises. A film version of it though seemed a little premature considering that other than the Joker we have never met any of the characters before.

The atmospheric trailer does fine work of hinting at backstories especially Will Smith’s Deadshot. You have to think though that for someone like Smith to take on an ensemble part it had to be pretty meaty. His Focus co-star Margot Robbie looks disjointedly sinister and we get “cool” looking shots of the rest of the gang – Killer Croc, Rick Flagg, El Diablo et all. We even get a sneak glimpse of Ben Affleck’s Batman popping up before leading us to the “highlight” Jared Leto’s unveiling as The Joker. Kind of sounds like he may have picked up Matthew McConaughey’s drawl.

That being said it’s certainly jump up in our estimations from; might wait for the Blu-Ray to “oh yes let’s venture to the picture house for that”.

You can never argue with anything that uses ‘I Started a Joke’ either’.

Suicide Squad is released in cinemas 2016.


By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.