Just when you think you have heard it all from this crazy industry that we call music, I am again surprised by this next artist that I came across thanks to Vulture Hound.

A three piece band from Melbourne, I’lls, brings a new level to the world of music. Giving off that contemporary feel to music, this is something for all you lovers of indie music.

As they send you off into this dream state, their new EP Can I Go With You To Go Back To My Country is lethargic and like the title, hard to get your heard around.

The first track from the EP, Aves is relaxing and sombre as it makes you feel dizzy as if you are having an outer body experience. Until half way through the song, you hear this constant sound of school bell that still resonates in my ear as I write this review.

I’lls is reminiscent of London Grammar, having that melancholy feel to their music and hushed tones with intricate layers of digital music. Anyone looking for something different and refreshing in music, these guys is the ones to listen too.

Perhaps my favourite track on the album, Keep is an interesting piece of music. Full of layered music, you are kept on your toes with this one it is rather intense as you are drawn in with the music and then surprised as they bring out another beat to the musical backdrop.

You never know where you are with I’lls, just when you think you understand who they are and what sort of music they produce, I am surprised by what they create and can’t wait to see what they do next.