Billing itself as an “online international film festival accessible to all” FilmDoo brings together films new and old to be easily streamed by viewers.

“Classic and contemporary films from around the world have been brought together on the FilmDoo platform creating an accessible and inclusive international online film festival for everyone to enjoy. All too often films, which may have been huge success stories and earned multi-million pound figures in box office in their countries of origin, remain hidden, unavailable and unheard of elsewhere in the world. FilmDoo seeks to change that.”

All too often films, which may have been huge success stories in their countries of origin, remain hidden, unavailable and unheard of elsewhere in the world. International news and culture travels faster than ever, it is time for movies to make the leap. Independent, international, art-house, niche, archive, cult, underground – FilmDoo caters for all tastes outside of the mainstream whose messages reach far beyond borders.”

“There are too many amazing stories slipping between the cracks” says FilmDoo co-founder Weerada Sucharitkul “In a world that’s more connected than ever before, this can’t be allowed to continue. We’re going to change this.”

The FilmDoo concept arose out of a genuine need, by founders Weerada Sucharitkul and William Page, to discover and learn about non-Hollywood films and how to access this content. In so doing they learnt about the difficulties involved in getting films distributed internationally and were passionate and committed to finding a solution that would help these films get discovered and access a truly global audience.

Having launched in the UK FilmDoo has exciting plans to expand internationally. Ultimately FilmDoo aims to be the first truly global platform for film.

While expanding consumer choice, at the same time, FilmDoo provides specialist distributors with a focused online streaming service, which highlights their entire ranges and not simply the break out hits, which make it on to the more mainstream VOD platforms.

FilmDoo has completed UK and Irish distribution deals with some of the territory’s most prestigious art house and independent labels including: Altitude; Film4; Peccadillo Pictures; Trinity; Picturehouse Entertainment; New Wave; Terracotta; Third Window; Day For Night; Cine Asia; Shameless and Eureka, plus sales agents Doc & Film, Wide’s Eye on Films and documentary specialist Java Films. The FilmDoo platform already features over 450 titles and continues to expand month by month.

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