With the rise in popularity of lucid, celestial songs in recent years, finding an artist that truly manages to capture the combined essence of dainty melodies and unique beats can be difficult. However, American dream team Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have formed just that in the shape of Beach House. With their new album, Depression Cherry, being released 28th August, Beach House have created something wonderful and needed in modern music.

The Baltimore based duo’s first release from this album, Sparks, is an ethereal mix of instruments that manage to abstain from being awkwardly combined. With Alex Scally’s loud electric guitar battling with the wistful, soothing voice of Victoria Legrand, Beach House have perfected an upcoming genre of dreamy indie pop mixed with heavier influences.

Although the majority of the instruments fit in well and refrain from sounding overly mismatched, the organ sounds slightly clunky when first introduced. Luckily, this glitch is quickly smoothed over with a more appropriate, gentle yet prominent sound that slips into the song perfectly and fits into the background well.

The haunting whispers of Legrand’s layered vocals at the very start of the song sets the scene for the rest of the song, ensuring that it is both soothing and ghostly. The song as a whole is full of emotion, yet manages to remain calming due to the clear return to simplicity.

As mentioned before, the heavy guitar is a predominant figure in the song. This is a surprising step forward for the group, as their previous work does not include such powerful, aggressive riffs. The drums take a back seat in this song, becoming a mere echo that softens the song and doesn’t take away from the amazing sound of the guitar yet still remain to be an important part of the song. Combining softer acoustics with louder, brasher instruments makes for a surprisingly soothing and ethereal mix that is well worth a listen to.

Depression Cherry is now available to pre-order on iTunes now. To find out more about Beach House’s tour, visit http://www.beachhousebaltimore.com/tour.