Admittedly I had never heard of the four piece band before so when Vulture Hound introduced Dastardly to me, I was not sure of what I was letting myself in for but I fell in love with the band straight away.

If you are looking for something different in your world of music, then these guys are the ones for you. Taking you into this other under world of total madness, their new LP, The Hollow turns you into Alice in Wonderland and takes you on a musical adventure.

I liken them to Lana Del Rey; they are dark, romantic and eerie. Not something I usually go for, but for some reason I can’t explain I like it.

Each song has its own unique yet dramatic way of attracting your attention. I appreciate how there is no cohesive theme in the album, as there is no two songs that sound the same. There is no obvious emotion, the album takes you on a journey of mixed emotions that I am not ready for.

Coming from Chicago, they know how to make an impact with their music. Quite a powerful song, This Is The Night is a track that will be sure to bring everyone together. Such an anthemic piece of music, you can just picture the band marching together, waving a flag, looking like a group that are not to be messed with. This song would be a crowd pleaser if played live.

Dastardly lures you into a false sense of security, with their track of Dangerous it sounds like a sweet lullaby. With slow and soft chords of a guitar, gently making you feel sleepy. The track is actually a dark love story, about love and deception.

Dastardly is the definition of something cruel and wicked, though the band is not far from that. Turning a word that derives from evil, this band makes the unknown sexy and the dark world of music attractive.

Check out their new album The Hollow here.